Simple Practice Management Software for Small Tax Firms

Manage all your tasks, clients & documents, in one place, so nothing falls through the cracks.

All the tools your firm needs in one simple solution.
Most practice management solutions aren't made with the needs of busy, smaller tax firms in mind. But SmartCenter is.
Don't complicate things by using a bunch of different software. Keep it simple with one smart solution.


Take Back Control with a CRM Built Just for You (Because Chaos Isn't Your Style).
Keep track of everything in one place. Clear your desk of sticky notes - and banish clutter.

With SmartCenter, you'll be able to manage all the ins & outs of growing your tax firm, from any tablet or computer.
Track All Your Work So Nothing Falls Through the Cracks
With built-in project management tools, SmartCenter makes it easier for you to manage your workflow. Quickly create & manage projects and tasks for each piece of business that comes through the door.
  • - Create tasks with a few simple keystrokes
  • - Assign tasks to yourself or members of your staff
  • - Quickly see the status of every piece of business in your workflow
  • - Stress less by seeing everything you're working on in one place
See All Your Client Activities in 1 Place
Don't you hate it when a client calls and you can't remember the last thing you talked about? "Do I owe them a document ?", "Did I ever send them an invoice?","What's the status of that project we're working on for them?" ...Never spend your time guessing again.
  • - Easily log and track any of your clients' activities
  • - See a snapshot of your activities in one place
  • - Keep your team on the same page by having a work log anyone can view
  • - Instantly see the last thing that happened with your client


Streamline your workflow and get more done with less.

You won't find bloat in SmartCenter. It's lean and sleek.

Purposeful navigation and smart features let you get to work, faster.

Modern Document Management for Today's Firm
Who wants to deal with file cabinets if they don't have to? No one.
Consumer document storage platforms are more prevalent than ever, but your tax business deserves better.

Your documents are sensitive, and need to be secure. SmartCenter provides a full document management system.
Access & manage your documents from any web browser.
  • - Industry-leading SSL Encryption & data security, so you know your docs are safe
  • - Create custom folders to manage and streamline your document storage
  • - SmartCenter is a fully integrated system, so you don't need a separate software
  • - Upload or drag & drop documents from your desktop or between folders
Tired of Wasting Valuable Time Searching for Stuff?
We've all been there - scouring your desktop for that one attachment , destroying your desk for that one sticky, flipping your car over looking for that one business card... there's a much easier way. SmartCenter's "smart" searching abilities let you look for any piece of data across the entire platform from one search field.
  • - Search client records, documents, tasks & activities from one place
  • - Stop opening several softwares to find one piece of information
  • - Let technology work for you - search results returned in seconds
  • - Get peace of mind knowing that if you store it, you can find it
Focus on What Matters Most
The SmartCenter dashboard keeps you posted on all your most recent and important info. Customize notifications, and see what matters to you most. Then, easily navigate and search the entire application in one click.
  • - Access your dashboard anywhere you have an internet connection
  • - Toggle your newsfeed to see everything in the firm, or just your stuff
  • - Get notified whenever something important happens


Everything in one place. Anywhere.

Ditch being chained to your desk. Access SmartCenter from any web browser,
and get the total freedom to work wherever you want.
Stored in the Cloud (Not on your Hard Drive)
Installed software is dead. Not only do installed programs force you to work on 1 computer - which is archaic in our mobile world - but they also eat up your storage, need dedicated servers, cost an arm and a leg to upgrade and maintain, need manual updates, and require support & training.
By storing your data securely in the cloud, Smart Center makes it easy to work anywhere with an internet connection.
Store as much as you want, get unlimited support for free.  You pay a cashflow-friendly monthly fee, and you never pay for upgrades or updates.
We Take Security Seriously
Making sure your data is secure is our top priority. We have multiple levels of security in place to make sure you can use SmartCenter with confidence.
  • - Full 256-bit, bank-grade encryption
  • - PCI compliant payment processing
  • - Physical data stored in professionally managed Amazon servers
  • - Data storage facilities include military-grade perimeters, electronic surveillance, and 24/7 monitoring
  • - Data is backed up globally, ensuring against geographical events
  • - SmartCenter vets all employees with full background checks, intensive interviewing, and ongoing training



Can SmartCenter do this?
Access all my client data and documents online?
Access my data on a tablet or iPad?
Heck Yeah!
Organize my documents and create custom folders?
Track tasks and projects I'm doing for my clients?
Share and manage tasks and projects with my team?
You bet!
Track my time spent on a task or project?
See a running history of my client activity?
Generate custom reports?
Of course!
Setup easily and get started right away?
Get unlimited free support and training?

SmartCenter's Low Price - Which Includes Support - Just $20/Month

Get everything you need to be more productive and feel more in-control of your workload, without the hassle or expense of complicated enterprise software.

Start Your 15-Day Free Trial Now

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